Gold leaf jewelry shopping experience test center of whole building covers an area of 19086.74 square meters, from the first floor to the fifth floor to achieve gold, diamond, K gold, jewelry, jade,gold investment, home, fashion food as the theme of the city of shopping. With the gold jewelry as the ecological industrial chain, the individual customization, maker center, gold finance, the main industrial cluster. From consumer experience, vogue, golden finance, the customer center as a premise for multi-dimensional planning, to establish the property as an ecosystem of gold, meet the demand of Qingdao people's integrated in the gold jewelry.

The shopping experience is a professional gold jewelry mall with large scale, complete variety, rich design and perfect service.

金叶珠宝购物体验验中心的整体建筑面积为19086.74平米,从一楼到五楼实现黄金、钻石、K金、珠宝、翡翠、黄金投资、家居、时尚餐饮为主题的购物城。以黄金珠宝为生态的产业链,凸出个人定制、创客中 心、黄金金融、为主的产业集群。从消费体验、潮流前线、黄金金融、创客中心为前提进行多维度规划,拟将该物业打造为黄金生态圈,满足青岛市民对黄金珠宝的综合需求。金叶珠宝购物体验是一个国内规模大、品种齐全、款式丰富、服务完善的专业黄金珠宝商场。